Into the Rabbit Hole

October 25-27

Welcome to Wonderland

Wonderland is a place with the most unexpected of things. Follow Beardell on a 36-hour adventure as his world gets turned upside down! As you explore Wonderland, you'll encounter wild characters, use fantastical technology, and maybe even create the impossible. What are you waiting for? Into the rabbit hole you go!



05:30 PM

Check-in Begins

06:30 PM

Opening Ceremonies

07:30 PM

Sponsor Expo

08:00 PM


09:00 PM

Hacking Begins


12:00 AM

Midnight Snack

07:00 AM


12:00 PM


03:00 PM

Lunch (again!)

07:00 PM



12:00 AM

Midnight Snack

07:00 AM


09:00 AM

Hacking Ends

10:00 AM

Project Expo/Judging

10:00 AM


01:00 PM

Closing Ceremonies

02:00 PM

Buses Leave


Where is HackGT 6?

The event will take place on Georgia Tech's campus in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.

How does registration work?

Registration has closed this year.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop, charger, headphones, and anything else you need. We'll supply hardware, meals, snacks.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any student over the age of 18 enrolled in a college or university is allowed to participate. Teams can be up to four members - you can register with your team when you apply, any time after you're accepted, or create a team at the event! If you are younger than 18, but a Georgia Tech student, you can still participate.

Who is eligible to mentor/volunteer?

Anyone can mentor or volunteer. If you are interested in helping participants through their projects, then apply as a mentor. If you are interested in helping us run the event, then apply as a volunteer.

Do I need any experience to apply?

No! Experience is not required. Hackathons are open environments for everyone. You can see projects submitted last year here.

Are there any costs?

HackGT provides food, swag, mentors, and more. Everything at the event is free thanks to our sponsors! Travel reimbursement up to $300 is available - just apply by August 14th, 2019 and fill out the travel reimbursement portion of the application. Volunteers and mentors are not eligible for travel reimbursement.

Can I use past projects?

True to the spirit of hackathons, you may not submit your past projects to HackGT.

Do projects need to be themed?

No, you can make anything. Sponsors challenges will be released soon.

All attendees must abide by the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct